Tips On How To Ace 11 Plus Last Minute Revision

Getting 11 plus revision preparation done, year after year, might seem difficult especially with all the other commitments some families have, but there are ways to pull off a last-minute preparation plan and still get good results.If you are thinking of starting your 11 plus revision at any point from May onward, we suggest that you start to start as soon as possible to avoid a last-minute preparation process. There is a lot going on, particularly in competitive subjects, and this will lead to little time for rigorous revision.Children can improve quickly in a short time so not all is lost, but any work a child does should be focused and should help them achieve their goals.

The consequences of not starting 11 plus revision early

Potentially there will be drawbacks when you start late, so it as well to be upfront about these.Limited vocabularyIf your child is not reading for at least 30 minutes every day for a prolonged period of time, it’s likely that they will not have as wide a vocabulary as others because of poor 11 plus preparation. From our experience, we have found that this can be troublesome, especially if there isn’t a chance to read more in the near future.Likely the biggest reason why some children pass the 11 Plus and others don’t, is because of their vocabulary skills.Poor math skillsIf your child hasn’t been putting much 11 plus preparation into Math, it could be that they are still struggling with their tables or solving operations. These gaps lead to them working more slowly and making more mistakes.The bigger issue with kids failing numeracy questions in the 11 plus exams is not a lack of knowledge, but instead, a lack of core skills e.g., being able to reliably read numbers, addition and subtraction.You can do plenty of practice exams, but if mistakes continue to happen, it may be because the student’s core skill level is not adequate. Children will not advance unless the weaknesses in their core skills are addressed. The best way to advance kickstart 11 plus revision and achieve success is by setting up a well-thought-out last-minute preparation plan.Poor verbal reasoning skillsThere are limits to what can be achieved in short periods of 11 plus preparation when it comes to verbal reasoning in specialist subjects that aren’t covered in Primary Schools. Nevertheless, considerable progress can still be made, so don’t give up on your exams because of the time limit. Have us help your child figure outWorking ahead in a short time is a big challengeIn many areas of numeracy and literacy children will be facing questions based on the whole of KS2 study, all the way to the end of year 6, and yet in many cases their schools will not have tackled these yet. In effect they need start to work ahead which can be a big issue for some with a short period of 11 Plus preparation time.There isn’t enough time for proper 11 plus revisionStarting 11 plus revision late is not easy. You have to know how to fine-tune your 11 plus preparation and work smarter and be aware of your time constraints. Part of the problem is that there’s not enough time to cover everything, so you need to figure out what’s most important and tailor your activities accordingly.
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