Hi my name is Loana and I have been studying with 11 plus G.P success and i think that Jag is the kindest and is the funniest person in the world he always encourages me and gives me confidence to excel. Jag has always given us lots of homework since the day we started which was last year but trust me it was actually worth it. We also have email addresses that we can use to communicate and form groups so that we can revise together. Jag also does vocabulary and we have to learn the words and find the meaning of them. This actually is kind of connected to our homework because it enhances our knowledge in the same way as our homework does. Jag does zoom meetings (our lesson ) Monday and Wednesday 2 hours 5-7 but on Wednesday it gets longer because we have to mark our homework which takes like forever but luckily we get breaks in between the lesson. Jag also does mock tests which are tests that happen every month and he will expect an improvement on the previous results.