Hi, my name is Ved and I will be telling you about my experience with Jag Singh/ Sir and what I think of 11 plus, and my experience of studying with him. Jag Singh/ Sir makes lessons fun, enjoyable, and educational as he explains through all the questions that we in maths and English and if we do not understand all that we need to do is raise our hand and tell him and he will go through the question again and more slowly so we can get a better understanding. Another way he makes lessons fun is that sometimes he allows us to annotate answers on the screen especially when we are doing maths, which I find fun to do. Sir’s lessons are two hours and regularly we do one hour of math and one hour of English. Between maths and English, I like to do English because we do creative writing. For example, Sir might tell us to write about a picture and in the next lesson we mark each other’s work and grade it out of twelve together but he doesn’t tell us who has done the work. Finally, I would like to say is that when he sends us homework and we are struggling to do it we can email him and tell him and he will either explain how to do it or tell us to skip that question and he will explain it while doing maths or English the next lesson.